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Sep 28, 2012 5:30pm EDT
putting your money at risk. how the u.s. government is trying to block cyber attacks. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of llions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. >>> my space was once massive success but overshadowed by facebook and twitter and pinterest. it will focus on music sharing and artists. >> one of the reason people detested it, it was a cluttered mess. it represented everything bad about the way the internet used to look. >> my space had 100 million users. facebook is closing in on 1 billion. the auction of a ray paining put on hold over
Sep 25, 2012 5:30pm EDT
have more on it. >> a new government report has news about prescription drug abuse. why abuse among one segment of the population is on the decline. those stories and whole plot more when you join us for -- lot more when you join us at 6:00. >>> it's a time honored tradition in towns all over the country but one will no longer be able to hold a father-daughter dance. one school was sued after a single mother said she had a serious problem with the dances. she argued they were too gender specific. after the ucla took up the cause -- aclu took up the issue, it was banned. >> when we create any event that might any family feel excluded. >> although federal law does not allow discrimination based on gender, there are some exception. the school district has band the dances but passed a resolution asking the state legislature to consider changing the law that makes the dances illegal. >>> a maryland moving company accused of hitting customers with hundreds of dollars of unexpected fees. that story and more coming up on abc2 news at 6, which starts right now. >>> a close knit community in
Sep 27, 2012 5:30pm EDT
believe government last a responsibility to take care of them. >> reporter: romney is hitting obama on his energy policy. >> obama wages war on cold. using more coal every day. now your job is in danger. >> reporter: we've also learned the romney campaign will be slightly upping their ad buys in key battleground states. >>> this next story, certainly not a political ad you would have seen a few years ago. the king of cool, sometimes the king of cursing, samuel l. jackson is reaching out to voters in a new ad. jackson tells people to wake the "f" up. you fill in the blaimption. >>> how do you get that stain out of that couch or the counter in the kitchen? what do you use to make sure your world is spotless. we have more on the best stain removers you can buy. >> they claim to be heavy duty but can all purpose cleaners really do it all. consumer reports put these 19 brand cleaners to the test on tough stains in the kitchen and bathroom and found only one with enough cleaning power that warns the -- warrants the name all purpose. >> it handled grease, grape juice, soap scum, a variety of
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3